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Why you will choose
our delivery service?

We care about our customers and their parcels. we carry documents in silk package, foods in warm boxes, and grocery store products in cold boxes. flowers? on hands!


If you have a package of any size we have got your back with a currier from bicycle to container size, ready to pick it up from your location.


You need some food for a party, your office or from a catering to your business. Currier with shelves on warm box accepted your order!


Everyone need to go to grocery stores, almost everyday! but why? You can order anything you want, anytime, from anywhere!


If you have important documents, legal papers, works need to be done quickly, our priority delivery service is available to help!


We have some awesome fun facts for sellers.

As a currier service provider, accepting on-demand deliveries, we can also list your products on our mobile app! and deliver them to your customers!


Bicycle Curriers


Moped and VOKs


Minivan cars


Van and Cabins

How the workflow is working?

This app is working by few simple steps!


Download our App

You can download IziDeli App from iTunes App Store or Goole Play Store!


Register your profile

You need to register as Customer, Vendor, or Currier to have your access to the app.


Submit your order

As a customer you may submit order either a currier for parcels or selecting products.


Track your order

You may track your order status while a vendor is proceeding your order or a currier is carrying it for you.


Rate our service

You may rate our service when it's done and your parcel is completed by currier.

Trusted by 120 companies!

We have more than 120+ trusted clients around City. Join our happy club!

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    Izydeli is a multi-vehicle (bicycle, motor, car, van, VOK, and robot) based courier service, delivering priority parcels, packages, documents, food, confectionery, grocery store products, pharmacy medicines, and other daily needs to people and businesses.

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